Carl Deane

Carl Deane

Carl Deane is a huge fan of traveling. South America is amongst the top of his list of destinations to enjoy. If you’ve never been to South America, this website will provide tips on things to see and do during your visits. If you have been to South America, Carl Deane hopes this website will potentially open your eyes to some new and exciting features of South America to explore.

South America draws in travelers from around the globe for its rich culture, incredible food, and historic wonders. No historic wonder can compete with the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu, according to Carl Deane. For many who make the trip to the Inca Trail, it’s a sacred pilgrimage. For others, it’s a way to take in the beauty of nature like nowhere else in the world. Those interested in diving into the history of the area are encouraged to book a tour guide who can speak to the profound legacy of the region.

Carl Deane understands that some travelers may not see the appeal of visiting a rainforest, but the Amazon rainforest is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. Of course, there’s the nature element but the locals make the journey. It’s awe inspiring to take in the culture of the locals who live in this beautiful place and truly appreciate the land that surrounds them. It’s very different from the hustle and bustle of a United States city. Speaking of differences from the city, wait until you get a sense of the quality of the air. The Amazon Rainforest accounts for just about 20% of the oxygen in the world. This is an area of the world that demands respect and gratitude. The surrounding trees in the forest are home to some of the most interesting animals in the planet. It can be dangerous for people unaware of their surroundings, so Carl Deane suggests utilizing a guide to navigate the Amazon effectively.

There’s plenty of adventure to enjoy in the Amazon. Carl Deane suggests utilizing the small boats to travel or take out a kayak to take in the nature in a way you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While paddling, it’s impossible not to see a few glimpses of dolphins, monkeys, frogs, and other wildlife. Of course, all that exercise is sure to workup an appetite. The Amazon has the freshest fruit in the world. Be sure to step outside your comfort zone and try some of the nearly 3,000 unique fruits that can’t be enjoyed as fresh as they are in the Amazon anywhere else.

Outside of the Amazon rainforest and the historic trails in Machu Picchu, South American travelers can enjoy some of the greatest parties on the planet. The Rio Carnival brings in thousands upon thousands of visitors who are looking to experience the most famous street party on the planet. The Rio Carnival features amazing performances by musical acts and dancing ensembles that will get anyone off their feet and into the spirit of the party.

Speaking of parties, the beautiful beaches in South America warrant a celebration. There are thousands of miles of coast that feature some of the sunniest beaches on the planet. The sun is extremely strong in this area of the world, so be sure to bring the sunscreen. With many different countries that have beautiful beaches, Brazil reigns supreme. However, you truly can’t go wrong along the coast of this amazing continent.