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Intro to Rock Climbing

Those who are interested in learning how to rock climb only need to master a few key concepts before attempting their first official climb.

There are many efficient ways to begin rock climbing such as joining a rock-climbing club, finding an experienced friend for instruction or even a qualified instructor. The gear necessary to start rock climbing includes shoes, a harness, belay device, locking carabiner, chalk bag, rope, a tarp/rope bag, and chalk.

Below, Carl Deane briefly explores the basics of beginning to learn how to rock climb, including how to get started and what specific gear will be needed.

How To Get Started Rock Climbing

As mentioned earlier, the best way to begin getting familiar with rock climbing is by joining a rock climbing club, getting instruction from an experienced friend or certified instructor, and starting regularly visiting a local rock climbing wall. All of these activities will help beginning rock climbers get an understanding of the basic fundamentals of climbing.

It is recommended that most beginning climbers spend as much time as they can observing more seasoned climbers in the way that they move and handle their gear. Bouldering (a practice where climbers only climb a short distance off the ground then land on padded ground once they fall) is also recommended as a great way to get comfortable with climbing.

Many rock-climbing gyms offer rock climbing clinics to help beginning rock climbers get some instructed practice. Making a point to establish friendships that center around rock climbing will ensure that new climbers continuously learn about rock climbing while simultaneously allowing them to practice in an observed and safer environment.

Gear Needed

Many people that are new to rock climbing do not start out with all the necessary gear. Rather, it is accumulated throughout the hobby as they continue to gain more climbing experience. First purchases of any new rock climber should, however, include chalk, a chalk bag, a harness, rock climbing shoes and a belay device.

It is important that new climbers get familiar with their gear at a gym or with experienced friends before going out solo and attempting to climb. This will ensure that the gear is being worn and used properly and the climber stays safe in case of any unfortunate accidents or struggle.

Carl Deane

Begin Climbing Outside

Once climbers have become familiar enough with the process of rock climbing to go outside and use their own equipment, they should do so to get some quality practice. At first, climbers should still stick with a group to ensure their first experience climbing isn’t an unsafe one. No matter how experienced a climber gets, it’s never recommended to climb outside alone.


Although rock climbing can seem like an extreme hobby, it is surely rewarding with the proper setup and practice. With gear such as chalk bags, belay devices, harnesses and rope, the hobby comes with its fair share of investment in the beginning.

However, once climbers have practiced (studies say an average of four years) they can become truly comfortable rock climbing and graduate from a beginner to an experienced climber. With patience, the proper gear, good instruction, observation and perseverance, anyone can become a good rock climber.

By Carl Deane

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